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China-owned TikTok denies it could use location information to track U.S. users 23 October 2022 1119
Supreme Court rejects request to block Biden student loan debt forgiveness program 23 October 2022 1108
President Biden says 22 million people have signed up for student loan forgiveness 23 October 2022 1074
Student loan forgiveness could result in a $2,500 burden per taxpayer, research finds 05 September 2022 635
Republicans may challenge student loan forgiveness. Uncertainty for borrowers is ‘considerable,’ says Harvard lawyer 04 September 2022 566
White House fires back at Republicans planning to challenge student loan forgiveness 04 September 2022 568
Job growth, investments in manufacturing sector tied to White House economic plan, Biden says 04 September 2022 554
Biden warns Trump’s extreme MAGA Republicans are ‘clear and present danger’ to U.S. democracy 04 September 2022 559
USA Inflation rises 7% over the past year, highest since 1982 23 January 2022 14265
Biden backs Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s likely monetary policy tightening as inflation rages 23 January 2022 13942
Fed releases long-awaited study on a digital dollar but doesn’t take a position yet on creating one 23 January 2022 14323
Biden ends first year as president with ‘bleak, discouraging’ marks from the public 23 January 2022 4908
Over 170 companies delisted from major U.S. stock exchanges in 12 months 08 December 2021 7306
House passes $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that includes transport, broadband and utility funding, sends it to Biden 07 November 2021 12261
Biden social and climate bill clears procedural vote in House, where it still awaits final approval 07 November 2021 10882
Biden meets with Fed leaders Powell and Brainard as nomination decision nears 07 November 2021 10170
Biden lauds strong October jobs report as House works toward votes on big economic bills 07 November 2021 8031
Biden to discuss intensifying supply chain challenges with G-20 leaders 31 October 2021 12019
Business groups ask White House to delay Biden Covid vaccine mandate until after the holidays 26 October 2021 11187
Democrats trim Biden's social spending plan as they rush to strike a deal this week 26 October 2021 11071
Jeffrey Gundlach says inflation will stay above 4% through 2022 23 October 2021 14767
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer wants framework for Biden's social spending plan set before Monday 23 October 2021 14974
10-year Treasury yield tops 1.68% as investors digest jobless claims report 23 October 2021 14798
U.S. government agency in charge of financial stability weighs in on climate change risks 23 October 2021 15145
Fed's Bostic sees interest rate hike coming next year as inflation lingers 23 October 2021 14925





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